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High Grade Mushroom extracts - brand name Oriveda
High Grade Mushroom extracts - brand name Oriveda

adaptogenic power supplements, for the first time affordable and high potency - Orivedae are offering a series of adaptogenic power supplements that                        can help you to gain and maintain good health.
Chaga, Reishi, Coriolus PSP, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shilajit, Rhodiola…

The core : adaptogens with unparalleled therapeutic potential. We offer the worlds most powerful mushroom extracts with guaranteed levels of the important bioactives and with guaranteed bio-availability.

Our extracts have a pharmaceutical level of quality, the type that is used in laboratories, a quality on which a lot of research is and has been based.

But still 100% natural, without additives and GMO-free.

to take control of your health was never easier - Oriveda mushroom extracts

Oriveda is a 100% online business. or call +31648238437 (Holland).

All messages are treated as confidential. Your data will not be stored and will never be shared with others.

Grifolan - Oriveda's  maitake extract is the most potent extract worldwide, with over 30% high molecular weight beta-glucans

Oriveda is a 100% online business. : or call +31648238437 (Holland).

All messages are treated as confidential. Your data will not be stored and will never be shared with others.

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Which medicinal mushroom is the best?

Medicinal mushrooms seem like small miracles - their therapeutic properties seem to cover almost the full spectrum of human health and well-being. And this is not exaggerated. The majority of antibiotics, several chemo-therapeutic agents, most anti-cholesterol medication (statins) and some anti-HIV medication are based on fungi. Cyclosporin, a drug without which organ transplants would be impossible, is derived from a fungus as well. And so on.

In fact, most mushrooms have only been researched for a small number of therapeutic applications. The chart below gives an indication of the existing research results of the therapeutic properties that were investigated so far.

Please take notice: 'immune balancing' covers a lot of health problems, including many allergies and auto-immune related diseases. These have not been listed separately. This overview is also not complete - we will update it and refine it when more data becomes available.

Be aware of the fact that if a property is left blank for a particular mushroom this only means that this property so far has not been investigated in depth.

overview of positive results achieved with medicinal mushroom extracts as sold by ORIVeDA

These results have all been achieved with extracted mushroom products (extraction using e.g. hot water, ethanol, methanol, fermentation or combinations of these) - they are not applicable to biomass or un-extracted, dried and powdered mushroom products or tinctures. Check our FAQ for the reason why.

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Stone oil is a natural product, so depending on the origin the chemical composition may vary.
The 31 main chemical elements:
Chemical element g per 100 g
Al 1.0-8.0
Mg 2.4-6.0
Ca 0.3-3.6
Na 0.35-2.2
K 0.15-2.0
Mn 0.3-1.5
Fe 0.1-1.5
Si 0.2-1.0
Ni 0.05-0.2
Zn 0.02-0.1
Co 0.015-0.06
Cu 0.008-0.03
Cr 0.0008-0.01
Ti 0.00002-0.0003
P 0-0.05
Li 0-0.02
Zr 0-0.015
B 0-0.012
Sc 0-0.001
Ga 0-0.0025
V 0-0.0025
Be 0-0.002
W 0-0.0006
Nb 0-0.0006
Y 0-0.0005
Ba 0-0.0004
Sn 0-0.0003
Bi 0-0.00015
Mo 0-0.0001
Pb 0-0.0001
Ag 0-0.00004
(source: Chemical Science Research Institute of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

ORIVeDA is a registered brand name of Oriveda bv, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a member of the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce since 01-1997 (nr. 66136016).

Apart from some specialized items like rare adaptogenic herbs and Shilajit • Mumijo we in particular focus on selling well-researched medicinal mushroom extracts of superior quality.

Our business model is transparent and pragmatic, focused on providing our customers with the best possible products, value-for-money and service. We are serving customers in over 75 countries.

Entirely in line with our business model we only use -verifiable !-  facts to present our premium extracts to our customers.

For a brief overview of these facts just click here.

• A lot of the research on which our products' reputation is built is available and can be downloaded for free from the resources-section of our site.

• We ship to all countries in the world, except warzones. Shipping is always free for website orders, worldwide. We usually ship orders the same day.

• We offer maximum personal service: we are online 7 days a week and your questions will be answered in great detail. Those questions are important: they help us develop new ideas and products. Keep them coming!

• Our newsletter (2 - 3 times p/year) is offering more than just updates and marketing. We often include complete monographs related to our product-line and include discounts for subscribers. Register today!

To contact us, please use ()

For really urgent matters you can call +31648238437 (Holland). We will get back to you ASAP.

free shipping worldwide

We have customers in over 75 countries. We will ship to all countries in the world, except warzones.

All website orders, national and international, are shipped for free using priority-airmail, which is safe and fast.

Only for Australia, Russia, Malaysia, Israel, Indonesia, all South- and Central-American countries and some countries from Eastern Europe we insist that our customers choose registered shipping (which includes tracking) on the checkout page. The postal service can be unpredictable in these countries and orders sometimes spend over a month in transfer, if not registered and tracked.

Orders will be shipped the same day they're received, if possible. If you want you can add registered and insured shipping (including tracking) at an extra cost during the checkout procedure. As said, for Australia and a few other countries this is mandatory. We do not accept orders from these countries unless the order includes 'registered shipping'.

We can also provide express delivery (2 - 5 working days via FedEx Express) to 16 non-EU countries. The costs vary between $ 20 to $ 30 for orders up to 500 grams (4 items - 3 items if it's Chaga extract powder), depending on your location. Details are on the checkout page. Orders that are over 500 grams - () for a quote if you're interested.

Shipments to EU countries usually arrive within 4 - 10 working days; international shipments usually arrive within 7 - 10 working days. Due to clearance procedures they can occasionally take up to 20 working days to arrive.
In case you haven't received your order after 15 working days please () and we will investigate. Do NOT open a Paypal case, but contact us directly.

In case an item is out of stock you will be informed ASAP. You have the option to wait or we can refund you straight away.

If the product is not what you expected or it got damaged during transport, please do .

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Wholesale prices

You are eligible for a quantity discount when you order more than 10 items, mix 'n match. Only Grifolan, the 120 + 180 capsules bags and the 100 grams bags are eligible. You can also buy capsules and powder in bulk (MOQ: 1 kilo).

Mumijo • Shilajit and the herbs are excluded.
for details and the price list.

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