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Oriveda PSP capsules are verifiable the most powerful ones on the market

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Each capsule contains 350 mg pharmaceutical grade Coriolus PSP extract.
180 caps will cover two months.

  • contains over 55 % polysaccharides ( with ≥ 40 % bioactive (1>3)(1>6) Beta-D-Glucans )
  • contains over 20 % polypeptides
  • (Click here for our supplement facts label)
No additives or fillers, certified organic, GMO-free, non-irradiated. This premium product is a 100% extract of deep layer cultivated Coriolus versicolor mycelia (COV-1 strain).

ORIVeDA Coriolus versicolor supplement facts label

Which medicinal mushroom is the best?

Medicinal mushrooms seem like small miracles - their therapeutic properties seem to cover almost the full spectrum of human health and well-being. And this is not exaggerated. The majority of antibiotics, several chemo-therapeutic agents, most anti-cholesterol medication (statins) and some anti-HIV medication are based on fungi. Cyclosporin, a drug without which organ transplants would be impossible, is derived from a fungus as well. And so on.

In fact, most mushrooms have only been researched for a small number of therapeutic applications. The chart below gives an indication of the existing research results of the therapeutic properties that were investigated so far.

Please take notice: 'immune balancing' covers a lot of health problems, including many allergies and auto-immune related diseases. These have not been listed separately. This overview is also not complete - we will update it and refine it when more data becomes available.

Be aware of the fact that if a property is left blank for a particular mushroom this only means that this property so far has not been investigated in depth.

overview of positive results achieved with medicinal mushroom extracts as sold by ORIVeDA

These results have all been achieved with extracted mushroom products (extraction using e.g. hot water, ethanol, methanol, fermentation or combinations of these) - they are not applicable to biomass or un-extracted, dried and powdered mushroom products or tinctures. Check our FAQ for the reason why.

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Why choose a Coriolus PSP product ?

Coriolus PSP is probably the most intensively researched mushroom ever (since the 1970s). Below we've listed the main research subjects***. Take notice: this list should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims! For a more extensive background click here  ( page opens in new window ).

  • • The potential to normalize the human immune function. PSP has been used often during and after treatments such as chemo and radio-therapy with the following recorded effects:

    • Detoxing
    • Hepatoprotective
    • Improves symptoms of weakness, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, insomnia , anxiety, pain, night sweat etc.

    A shared property of all medicinal mushrooms is said to be immune-modulation: research has been investigating their potential to normalize our natural resistance against diseases for many decades. Although undeniable proof has not yet been presented the outcome of research is promising. Coriolus PSP has been investigated in particular as an adjuvant during anti-cancer therapy (chemo, radiation) and several clinical trials showed the effects mentioned above. The quality of life of patients during and after treatment improved significantly. For details, please check this pdf or go to our resources page for more publications.

    A quote from this research report: "[...] these individuals report feeling improvement in their general condition, appetite, energy level, and ability to digest food. As a biological response modifier, PSP may help them to improve or maintain their immune status while decreasing the severity of the side effects associated with chemo-therapy and radiation. Its safety profile also makes it an ideal adjunct therapy to help in the treatment of cancer."

    Two terms are applicable here: adaptogenic (helping us to adapt to the never-ending assaults on our health) and BRM (a natural Biological Response Modifier - stimulating the body's natural defense mechanisms without any side effects). Medicinal mushrooms do not cure or heal, they help the body to heal itself.
  • • Immune-modulating potential, incl. anti-inflammatory and anti-viral potential

    These are of course overlapping. Responsible for this therapeutic potential are probably the beta-D-glucan fractions, part of the polysaccharides present in Coriolus.

    These water-soluble beta-glucans in particular have triggered the interest of scientists: in the EU several health-claims based on beta-glucans have been ratified in the past years by the EFSA. Beta-glucans are e.g. thought to help with immune support and with normalizing of cholesterol levels. Coriolus PSP-50 contains also (1>4)(1>6)beta-glucans, apart from the usual (1>3)(1>6)beta-glucans.

    Harmful micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses should be neutralized by the immune system before they can cause infections and inflammations. Existing infections etc. will last considerably shorter if the immune system is functioning at its peak level. For additional background visit our 'resources' page and our frequently asked questions page.

    Oriveda PSP-50 contains over 50% of polysaccharides (40% of which are (1>3)(1>6)ß-D-glucans)

  • • Effects on Hepatitis C and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    In particular in SE-Asia, where Hepatitis is much more common and many people are carrier of the disease, extracts from Coriolus versicolor are used to control Hepatitis and related liver diseases.

    The results are appearantly good. The immune-modulating potential probably plays a role here, but research also points towards a direct liver-protecting effect. This is one of the reasons this dietary supplement is used often to support standard treatments which involve powerful pharmaceuticals with potential liver-damaging side effects, such as chemo-therapy.
  • • Side effects and contra indications

    Coriolus PSP extracts have no noteworthy side effects at all. The lack of side effects is due to the fact that mushroom extracts work mainly in an indirect way: as a natural BRM (a Biological Response Modifier - stimulating the body's natural defense mechanisms).

    There is no potential disturbance of the body's chemical and hormonal balance. This makes medicinal mushrooms extracts like Coriolus PSP ideal dietary supplements for everybody.

    The only contra-indications are immune-suppressing medicines (e.g. after a transplant). Never use medicinal mushroom extracts together with this type of medication - the immune modulating potential might neutralize its workings. There are also reports that PSP extracts might increase the risk of hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels that fall too low) in people that are sensitive to that, such as those taking diabetes medicines like insulin. Taking it together with some sugar-containing beverage such as fresh juice will help.

Keywords: Coriolus Versicolor, Trametes Versicolor, Kawaratake, Yun Zhi, Turkey Tail, PSP, PSK.

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Why choose the ORIVeDA PSP-50 extract ?

Oriveda PSP-50 is the most potent Coriolus PSP extract commercially available. It is also the only fully certified extract worldwide, with guaranteed levels of the main bio-active and bio-available ingredients.
In Coriolus PSP these ingredients are mainly the polysaccharides (i.p. the beta-glucans).
We guarantee the percentages of these components and their bio-availability.

Only the mycelia (the 'roots' of the mushroom)  were used for the extract, having the highest level of bio-actives.
Oriveda PSP-50 is identical to the original PSP as it was patented in China, over 25 years ago.

more details...

It has been cultivated and extracted using the original patented methods, the only difference being a higher purity due to the more advanced 21st century pharmaceutical techniques.
According to the original research the most potent source of PSP is the COV-1® strain of mycelia (more details here)  which should ideally be cultivated using 'deep layer cultivation' (growing it in sterile laboratory tanks, in liquid substrate).

Cheap mushroom cultivation techniques are using solid substrates (like rice/grains) to grow mushrooms, but since it is impossible to separate the spiderweb-like mycelia threads from the substrate the resulting product will be 50-60% substrate. The consumer expects 100% mushroom but gets at least 50% mostly useless substrate; which is marketed as 'biomass'.

An objective and easy-to-follow guideline explaining what to look for when shopping for mushroom supplements can be found here.

Oriveda PSP-50 is 100%  extracted COV-1® mycelia. Recommended dosage 3 x 1 capsule p/day. A leaflet with detailed instructions and background is included with every order.

The Certificates of Analysis are for those that wish to verify our claims. Click here to see our official 'Supplement Facts' back label.

Scientific research uses in general specialized, highly concentrated extracts to investigate the effects of medicinal mushrooms. ORIVeDA extracts are comparable in both composition and quality, so the research results you read about you can also expect from our extracts.
Extracted using a combination of hot water and ethanol extraction, identical to the original patented methods.

Certified and produced in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP.

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