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Oriveda cordyceps capsules are verifiable the most powerful ones on the market

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Each vegetarian capsule contains 430 mg pharmaceutical grade dual extracted Cordyceps.
120 caps will cover 2 months.

  • contains over 40 % polysaccharides ( with ≥ 24 % bioactive (1>3)(1>6) Beta-D-Glucans )
  • contains over 1 % cordycepin
  • contains over 0.35 % adenosine
  • contains over 17 % cordycepic acid (D-mannitol)
  • contains over 0.30 % uridine
  • contains over 1.30 % polyphenols (Click here for our supplement facts label)
No additives or fillers, certified organic,GMO-free, non-irradiated. Premium extract, prepared from starch-free Cordyceps sinensis mycelia (CS-4 strain), combined with premium Cordyceps militaris fruiting body extract in a 2 : 1 ratio.   Also see our FAQ.

ORIVeDA Cordyceps supplement facts label

Which medicinal mushroom is the best?

Medicinal mushrooms seem like small miracles - their therapeutic properties seem to cover almost the full spectrum of human health and well-being. And this is not exaggerated. The majority of antibiotics, several chemo-therapeutic agents, most anti-cholesterol medication (statins) and some anti-HIV medication are based on fungi. Cyclosporin, a drug without which organ transplants would be impossible, is derived from a fungus as well. And so on.

In fact, most mushrooms have only been researched for a small number of therapeutic applications. The chart below gives an indication of the existing research results of the therapeutic properties that were investigated so far.

Please take notice: 'immune balancing' covers a lot of health problems, including many allergies and auto-immune related diseases. These have not been listed separately. This overview is also not complete - we will update it and refine it when more data becomes available.

Be aware of the fact that if a property is left blank for a particular mushroom this only means that this property so far has not been investigated in depth.

overview of positive results achieved with medicinal mushroom extracts as sold by ORIVeDA

These results have all been achieved with extracted mushroom products (extraction using e.g. hot water, ethanol, methanol, fermentation or combinations of these) - they are not applicable to biomass or un-extracted, dried and powdered mushroom products or tinctures. Check our FAQ for the reason why.

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Why choose a Cordyceps product ?

Science has been researching medicinal mushrooms for decades. Below we've listed the main targets in Cordyceps research***.
Take notice: this list should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims! For an extensive background click here  ( page opens in new window ).

  • • Effect on physical performance and endurance

    Clinical trials and other research indicated that Cordyceps helps to increase the oxygen intake ability of red blood cells. This property will improve physical performance, reduce fatigue and oxidative stress and can increase respiratory capacity.

    This specific property is due to the presence of cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine) in particular, which stimulates the production of ATP, the main source of energy in our body.

    ORIVeDA Cordyceps SM contains over 1% of cordycepin.

    This makes Cordyceps SM a good choice for the elderly (it is already very popular in SE-Asia in particular, as it is said to improve the quality of life significantly) and athletes.

  • • The effect on the libido of both men and women

    A traditional belief that has been investigated thoroughly in both animal and clinical tests. Apart from the assumed effect on sex-drive an increased synthesis of 17-OH corticosteroids and 17-ketosteroids and a massive reduction in the production of abnormal spermatozoa was noted. During a toxicity test with rabbits an increase was found in the size of the testicles together with an significant increase in sperm count.

    This effect is usually attributed to cordycepin, just like the effect on physical performance.

    ORIVeDA Cordyceps SM contains over 1% of cordycepin.

  • • The effect on cholesterol-levels and related cardiovascular effects

    After 30 days of treatment triglycerides and total cholesterol was significantly lower. The production of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) increased ± 30% after treatment with Cordyceps. This is very interesting, as high HDL levels reduce the risk for heart diseases by e.g. removing LDL (bad) cholesterol from where it doesn't belong. For more info, check this link.

    Clinical trials indicated an improvement of ECG and clinical symptoms in patients with ischemic heart diseases or chronic heart failures and a decrease of anoxia of the heart. Blood/blood plasma viscosity was reduced. Heart arrhythmia's improved (confirmed by ECG).

    Cordyceps is thought to improve the blood circulation to essential organs, decrease platelet aggregation and has potentially an anti-thrombotic and blood thinning effect because of the presence of adenosine (although the levels in OTC dietary supplements are low) and cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine)

  • • The effect on kidney functions

    A series of clinical trials confirmed the protective role of Cordyceps against kidney toxicity associated with amino glycoside antibiotics (kanamycin, amikacin, gentamicin) and cyclosporin A. In general Cordyceps extracts improved the kidney functions in people with renal dysfunction. An increase in SOD-production (anti oxidant function) has been reported.

  • • Cordyceps and respiratory problems

    Another traditional use that has been investigated in depth during research and clinical trials. Patients with chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma or pulmonary heart disease might benefit from Cordyceps use; the lung function was said to improve. This is attributed to cordycepin in particular.

  • • Cordyceps and liver problems

    Cordyceps might help to reduce hepatitis-B viral load, according to some reports. In some patients with hepatitis B and patients with post-hepatitis cirrhosis turbidity blood tests returned to normal. Improvement was also seen in patients with post-schistosomiasis cirrhosis. These are very promising results!

  • • Cordyceps as an immune modulator

    The use of very pure Cordyceps extracts can increase the production of interferon, e.g. However, compared against other medicinal mushrooms CS is not outstanding as an immune modulator, because the level of beta-glucan is relatively low (± 9 - 10% in the best CS-4 extracts).

  • • Side effects and safety

    In all the literature (and this is a lot!) no side effects or any signs of toxicity were reported. Even in very high doses (10 grams p/kg of body weight, during several months) no differences in heart rate, temperature, metabolism and general physical condition were found.
    People using blood thinners and/or anti-thrombotic medication should be aware that Cordyceps contains some adenosine. Adenosine has a blood thinning effect, and the combination with this type of medication might cause unforeseen effects.

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Why choose the ORIVeDA Cordyceps SM extract ?

Many medicinal mushrooms show an overlap in therapeutic potential. Cordyceps however contains several unique bioactive compounds and because of that can be considered a league of its own.

With Cordyceps-SM ORIVeDA decided to put the emphasis on exactly those compounds that are unique for Cordyceps; cordycepin, adenosine and other nucleosides.

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If you buy a Cordyceps supplement because it has a high level of beta-glucan you are not spending your money wisely. For glucans much better and cheaper choices are available.

And a Cordyceps supplement with a high level of glucans will be low on the Cordyceps-only, really interesting compounds… they cannot co-exist in the same supplement in high levels.

Since the 15th century Cordyceps has always been heralded as being a revitaliser and is considered to be beneficial in the case of lung-related health-problems in particular (including NSCLC - non-small-cell-lung-cancer).

The compound in Cordyceps that is mainly responsible for these properties is cordycepin (3’-deoxyadenosine), a nucleoside that exhibits a variety of health effects including immunomodulatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities. It is also included in HIV-research.

The chemical structure of Cordycepin is very similar to ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate) and pure adenosine (which is also present in Cordyceps). ATP is the most important energy provider in our body; it must be present for muscles to contract. To be blunt: no ATP means no heartbeat!

Among the most significant known effects of ATP are increased blood flow and vasodilation (opening up your blood vessels); and increasing e.g. the ability to absorb oxygen in the blood stream via the lungs. This results in more energy and vitality.

The production of ATP in the body is decreasing with age, and research showed that supplementation with synthetic ATP has no effect. Now this is where it gets interesting; recent literature confirms the old belief that Cordyceps improves vitality. Put in scientific terminology: it enhances cellular energy in the form of ATP. A side effect is that it also increases libido in both men and women.

Cordyceps supplementation with a high level of cordycepin will help to restore vitality and increase physical endurance. For the elderly and athletes taking such a supplement is worth considering.

The CS-4 mycelium strain of Cordyceps sinensis is the most researched form (over 98% of all research) and was found to be the most potent and effective strain (therapeutically speaking), even out-classing wild Cordyceps in terms of the presence of nucleosides such as adenosine.

Although cordycepin is present in Cordyceps sinensis CS-4 the quantities are very low (± 0.1 % at best). In Cordyceps militaris the level of cordycepin is much higher.

In Cordyceps militaris the cordycepin nucleoside has been the main subject of research in the past decades. It is an important bioactive compound and a marker for Cordyceps militaris's quality.

Our Cordyceps SM (SM stands for 'sinensis' and 'militaris') is a combination of 66.6 % Cordyceps CS-4 mycelium extract and 33.4% Cordyceps militaris (CM) fruiting body extract. The level of cordycepin is > 1%, making it the most potent Cordyceps extract currently on the market, outclassing the best of the rest at least 3 times.

Summarizing: Cordyceps SM combines a premium CS-4 mycelium extract with a premium Cordyceps militaris fruiting body extract. The outcome is a blend that includes the best of both worlds.

When compared against run-of-the-mill Cordyceps extracts the revitalising and libido enhancing properties have improved in particular, together with the kidney- and lung-protective properties.

NB - Some American producers are stating that CS-4 is not genuine Cordyceps sinensis (suggesting it is best avoided).

However, even if it is true it is actually irrelevant, as all major research over the past 40 years has been performed with the CS-4 strain, and those research results speak for themselves - they are excellent.

The reputation of Cordyceps sinensis as a dietary supplement is based almost exclusively on the CS-4 research. Their 'genuine' product however has a research track-record of zero, and on top of that is not even extracted, making therapeutic effects unpredictable at best.

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