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ORIVeDA CCCE® is the ideal companion to CONSCIO®
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Each vegetarian capsule contains 355 mg CONSCIO anti-stress formula. 120 caps cover 2 months.

  • • contains Ashwaganda extract (Withania somnifera - ≥ 10% withanolide glycoside conjugates)
  • • contains L-Theanine (highest purity possible - 99 %)
  • • contains Bacopa monnieri extract (Brahmi - ≥ 50% bacosides)
  • • contains Rhodiola rosea extract (± 3% salidrosides and ± 1% rosavins)

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ORIVeDA Conscio supplement facts label
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The active compounds in CONSCIO

ORIVeDA CONSCIO® is a proprietary herbal formula consisting of four pharmaceutical grade premium herbal extracts of the highest purity.

All compounds have a history of clinical trials and are backed by scientific evidence, underlining their therapeutic potential.

The specific properties of the four extracts have been balanced against each other to create the best possible synergy and adaptogenic qualities; the formula as a whole was then tested and honed to perfection during the past 4 years.

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Ashwaganda, Brahmi, chronic stress, stress management, anti-stress, calming, improve mental clarity and focus.

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Why choose ORIVeDA CONSCIO ?

CONSCIO's main purpose is to neutralize the negative effects stress (chronic stress in particular) can have on our physical and mental health and to help us adapt.

The formula is 'adaptogenic' and when taken daily will increase your body's ability to cope with chronic stress of whatever nature and its after-effects.

CONSCIO®is also a great tool to use just before meditation or yoga - it will calm the mind but it will not make you sleepy or less alert.

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Stress is for a big part rooted in ’perception’ and therefore subjective. It can have a great impact on our health and quality of life, though. In particular chronic stress is a killer. The anxiety caused by chronic stress makes it for example difficult to focus, which in turn causes even more anxiety and in the long run will undermine your physical health.

Getting straight to the point: chronic stress will make us more susceptible to health problems because it weakens our immune system.

Remember the old statement 'stay calm, you'll get yourself an ulcer' ? It's not the stress itself that is causing the ulcer, but the Helicobacter Pylori, a bacteria that is present in most peoples stomachs but kept at bay by the immune system. When chronic stress is weakening the immune system that bacteria can go wild and cause ulcers (it has also been linked to stomach cancer); an example of how stress can hurt our health.

What is needed is something to help us adapt to external stress, something to calm the mind but without losing focus and mental clarity. That would prevent this negative anxiety spiral from developing and helps to prevent stress-related health problems (usually immune related).

This is where ORIVeDA CONSCIO® can help. It will improve your ability to adapt to the never-ending bombardement of stressors from our environment and help to stay focused and to perform better.

CONSCIO® works primarily on the mind and how we perceive and respond to chronic stress. When taken daily it will decrease the fight-or-flight response and prevent the high levels of cortisol that are caused by it.

The physical effects of stress can be neutralized by taking ORIVeDA CCCE®, a mushroom blend focussing on normalizing the immune function. Together these two supplements are an excellent toolset to manage stress but also the negative effects of aging on our health and well-being.

Certified and produced in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP.

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